Maryland vs South Carolina St Thread

12/8/2012 8:33:38 AM It's cupcake season in College Park and the 7-1 Terps are making the most of it.  Coach Turgeon tinkered with his lineup against UMES and he indicated that he would do the same today. 

With a team as deep as the one Turgeon has, why not?  It's fair to say that this team's second five could have beaten last year's starters.  The freshman need playing time if we are going to depend on them come January.  It was great to see Jake Layman get some buckets last game and Shaq almost nabbed 20 points.  There are so many mouths to feed, it's astounding.

I think Charles Mitchell could get 10 rebounds with one hand tied behind his back.  He's got elite rebounding skill.  He's only 6'8" but his strength and wide body allow him to play like he's a 7 footer.  He's also much quicker than opponents expect.  I think he'll play in the NBA one day.

Speaking of elite skill, Aronhalt is a shooting maestro.  We need to get him more involved.  he changes the dynamics of the offense.  When he's knocking down threes, Wells and Faust have open penetration lanes and it's harder to double team Len, Padgett or Mitchell.

Expect another 30 point win today. 

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