Maryland vs Penn State (F) and New Mexico (B)

11/25/2017 2:19:57 PM

Games like last night make one question the point of following this team. For all the talent and pedigree, the Terps’ performance was absolutely pathetic.

One could point to the endless turnovers, or one could point to the complete and total lack of execution down the stretch. Perhaps you’d like to harp on the poor shot selection?

Regardless, the tide is ebbing for me. I will always love the Terps but caring as much as I do makes nights like last night miserable to endure and they happen with an all too regular frequency these last few years.

I’m not throwing all the blame on Turgeon but if the Terps played defense like the Bonnies do, they’d be a top 10 team. At some point, the chronic problems have to fall to the coach.

As for the football game, what is there to say? They have nothing to lose but they’ve had nothing to lose for close to a month and that hasn’t mattered. Let’s just hope it’s not a humiliating defeat.

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