Maryland vs Notre Dame: We Stink And It Is Depressing

1/15/2014 1:09:33 PM The Terps are home after a disastrous two game road trip that saw them get outscored by 40+ points.  It's now time for some home cooking and that likely means that Maryland will play better.  In the end, what does it matter?  This team is way outside of the bubble looking in and there is no evidence to suggest that the team and/or coach are capable of putting together any kind of consistency. 

The sum is worse than the parts and that falls squarely on coach Turgeon.  Honestly, I'm flabbergasted.  Turgeon's teams have always fought above their weight class until he got to Maryland and now he is continually outcoached.  Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post astutely pointed out how FSU Coach, Leonard Hamilton was able to structure his offense based on how Maryland defends the three.  The result?  FSU hit 16 threes and buried the Terps.

This crap NEVER happened to Gary Williams.  In fact, Gary always found a way to win with inferior personnel.  I think Turgeon is smart enough to learn how to coach at Maryland but it is not happening fast enough. 

Notre Dame has some nice wins (Duke) but is currently reeling with injuries.  Maryland can and should win but until the Terps can put a winning streak together that includes a few road wins; we are an also-ran.  As a fan, I'm completely sick of being out of the conversation.  There are no excuses.  The program needs to improve quickly and that job belongs to Mark Turgeon.  Make it happen, coach.

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