Maryland vs NC State Thread

1/16/2013 4:07:54 PM Like the rest of Terp Nation, this two-game sojourn into the wilderness of hideous basketball has me concerned.  For the most part, I chalked it up to lackluster PG play combined with an inability to hit shots.  Both things are fixable.

That was until Mark Turgeon floated out the idea of moving Nick Faust over to point.  Now, I'm really concerned.  Clearly, Turgeon has given up on Howard as a realistic option at this point.  Seth Allen is too shaky and turnover prone to take over PG duties at this point.  If Faust is our best option, then I have to wonder if Turgeon has a fixable problem on his hands.

Faust ran the point for the Terps for a period last year and was serviceable.  He was even at the controls when the Terps had their biggest and what turned out to be their best win of the year (at-large NCAA worthy Colorado).  While I don't think this is a long-term solution, I can be talked into the idea that this may work. 

We beat the aforementioned Colorado with an inferior team AND Faust has been a liability shooting the ball.  His shots will go down if he is the lead distributor so perhaps this is addition by subtraction.  What's more, the Terps are already turning the ball over at a tremendous clip so how much worse can get with Faust at the helm?

This game is a must-win, so tinkering with this idea has me terrified.  This is likely to blow up in Turgeon's face or make him look like a genius. 

Stay tuned.

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