Maryland vs Miami

1/29/2014 9:30:56 AM I'm getting tired of writing about this team.  Simply put, they are not fun to watch.  I'm sure these are really good kids; they just don't play basketball well.  Players who were seemingly once dynamic, are now one-dimensional. 

At 11-9, the Terps have the WORST record in the ACC.  It's unbelievable and an embarrassment for all involved.  Turgeon especially.  The media has given him a free ride, but there is simply no excuse that this team should be this bad.  They can win close games.  They can't even stay in games against good teams.  The offensive strategy is impossible to define or understand and the defense is uninspired. 

Miami is not a good team and they will be missing a key cog in their lineup.  The same was true of NC State and we lost.  I realize the Terps are at home but Jim Larranaga is a better coach than Turgeon right now.  There, I said it.

A win tonight does nothing but bolster our NIT hopes.  That's right.  The NCAAs are gone. Forget about them.  Nothing short of a 10 game winning streak can prevent that now.

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