Maryland vs LIU Thread

11/16/2012 3:51:59 PM Before getting into tonight's game, I'll briefly address the rumors swirling throughout Twitter about Maryland joining the Big10.  Although, until there is something definitive, it seems pointless to waste time thinking or writing about it.  I'll just say that it would be an odd move to make now considering that the ACC just raised the exit fee to a whopping $50MM.  If you consider the impending additions of Pitt, Syracuse, and most of Notre Dame; the timing is ludicrous.  There may be a financial model that makes sense for everyone but I don't see it.

As for tonight's game, I'd expect something similar to the MOREhead game.  Morehead and LIU played a very even game last week so we should expect a similar result.  What's more interesting for Terp fans is that we see some progression in shooting accuracy from beyond 10 feet.

If Maryland can't start to show consistency from outside, teams will collapse on us and make it difficult for our slashers and bigs to operate.  Faust, Wells, Aronhalt, Layman and Allen need to starting hitting the open jumper with consistency.

It'd be nice to see the shooters take shots within the flow of the offense and make the extra pass.  As always, with these games, we should be looking for progress and improvement. 

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