Maryland vs. Illinois Thread

11/19/2010 1:21:34 PM There is much to dissect from last night's loss to Pitt; but given the time crunch, I'm throwing up a thread for the Illinois game since it is starting in less than 2 hours.

Illinois lost in overtime last night to Texas.  Both teams looked good and Illinois will certainly be looking to leave NYC with a split.  The Illini have an experienced point guard in Demetri McCarney and a giant frontcourt.  Mike Tisdale, Bill Cole, and Mike Davis are all 6'9" or taller.  The Terps are almost guaranteed to lose the rebounding battle again tonight.  As we learned last night, poor rebounding in and of itself does not doom the Terrapins.  What will doom Maryland is poor FT and 3PT shooting.

Last night, Maryland was terrible from the charity stripe and behind the arc.  Most teams won't win games without doing performing at one or two of those disciplines.  On the positive front, the Terps only turned the ball over 8 times vs. Pitt.  We will need to repeat that performance to have any hope of winning today.
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