Maryland vs Georgia Tech

1/3/2014 9:49:19 PM Maryland begins its ACC season in earnest today.  The ACC season is always crucial but this time it feels especially poignant. 

The Terps have a lackluster non-conference schedule with embarrassing losses against BU and Oregon State and winnable games against UConn and GW that ultimately also ended in losses. These results put an extra weight on the ACC season. 

There is reason for optimism.  The return of Seth Allen has steadied the offense.  Allen and Roddy Peters are natural ball handlers and they now share the point guard duties.  That allows Dez Wells and Nick Faust to return to their natural positions. 

Graham and Dodd are pushing Charles Mitchell and Shaq Cleare in the post and we know that Turgeon will go with the hot hand / best effort in the low block.

All this gives us reason to hope that Maryland can turn it on in January and February.  Georgia Tech is beatable. A win and the Terps are 2-0 headed to a huge opportunity in Pittsburgh on Monday. A win there and the Terps are off and running. 

They would be back in the thick of things.  It starts today. 

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