Maryland vs. GaTech Preview

10/5/2007 11:20:03 PM I am going to be flying to NYC tomorrow and I will not have access to the Internet for most of the weekend. Thus, I am posting a preview of tomorrow's decisive tilt against the Yellow Jackets now. The Jackets have some nice wins in their favor, most notably at Notre Dame (I don't care how bad they are, that was the first game of the season in a hostile environment and Tech torched them.) and against Clemson, but Maryland has a few things going for it:

1. We nearly beat Tech in Atlanta last year (we fell apart at the end a la Wake this year), so there is no fear. The Terps know that they can play with these guys.

2. Tashard Choice is one of the best backs in the country and he is the centerpiece of their offense. Well, the Terps handled Ray Rice soundly last week, and we should be able to keep Choice in check as well. Rice and Choice. Choice and Rice. What great last names, eh?. When I am reincarnated, I am coming back with a last name that is a noun, I swear it. Or at least one that isn't so darn Jewish.

3. The Terps are at home. Byrd Stadium is our friend except when WVU is involved.

None of the above may matter because this game has wildcard that will essentially determine the game and the season: Chris Turner. Is what we saw in the second half against Rutgers, the real deal? Has the Fridge finally found a QB who can run his offense? I am extremely cautious because you would think that two months of practice would have given the Fridge time to discover Mr. Turner. He was third string until Quiz Maestro, Josh Portis cheated in his discussion class, so maybe it is just a case of being buried on the third team and not getting a solid look from the coaching staff. Regardless, tomorrow we will know if Turner can be relied upon to lead the team.

One thing is for sure, and that is that Steffy is not the answer. Even before that Rutgers player committed battery against him with that helmet to helmet hit, Steffy was killing us. He simply can't throw down the field and get it into our playmakers hands. He took too many sacks and made awful decisions. He is D-U-N. If we are forced to rely on Steffy at any point the rest of the way, you can forget about a bowl game. Count on it.

The good news is that Maryland has all of the other pieces in place. Solid run defense and a punishing rushing attack usually translates into 8 or 9 wins at the collegiate level. Throw in a QB who won't kill you with mistakes and can keep defenses honest by going down the field, and the Terps could be a tough out as we get into the meat of the ACC schedule.

Show you got what it takes, Mr. Turner. The Terrapin Nation-State is watching.

On a final note, how much would you pay to see a Biggest Loser: Celebrity Edition with The Fridge, Charlie Weis, Frank Beamer's Goiter, and that coach from Kansas (I think his name is Mangino)? Now that's a riveting Final Four
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