Maryland vs Fordham

11/20/2014 10:50:03 AM Maryland tips off its third game tonight at 730ET.  It's hard not to be encouraged from the first two games.  The Terps didn't beat anyone by 30+ points last year and already, we have two 30+ point wins. 

Fordham is a step up but it should still be a blow out win.  A solid performance, and we'll all be feeling good heading into next week's tournament games against Arizona State and potentially Iowa State.

In the last game, Central Connecticut State was clearly overmatched but we did learn a few things about the team.  Melo played ok but he did force some shots early.  Dez is a beast and can take over games.  The young freshman sharpshooters are the real deal as both Wiley and Nickens looked comfortable.  Dodd is rounding into shape and looks like he can be an imposing force in the middle.  I also liked what I saw from Ceko.

Overall, the Terps struggled late in the first half with the zone but seemed to solve it as the game went on.

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