Maryland vs Florida Atlantic

12/14/2013 7:54:56 AM It's pad the schedule time for the basketball team with four cupcakes scheduled between now and the new year.  The Terps should emerge 10-4 with a 17 game ACC slate in front of them. 

Wounded but not dead, the Terps must continue to improve.  The road win at BC was nice in that it was a road win and the Terps lost the lead but demonstrated the tenacity required to beat a team in their home gym. Let's hope it's a harbinger for things to come.  The ACC season is crucial as the Terps can only point to the Providence win as a pelt obtained from the OOC schedule.

The next ACC home game is against Georgia Tech at home.  That is a winnable game.  A 2-0 start would be great and give the fan base hope that things are indeed getting better.

As for today, I'd expect a 30 point win.  Anything else will be a disappointment.

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