Maryland vs Duke

2/15/2013 10:11:56 AM The season is almost over and I get the sense that Maryland is still trying to find its identity.  That's one of their key problems.  The Terps don't know who they are or what they do well.

Wells and Faust want to get out and run yet the Terps are a dominant rebounding team which lends itself to the halfcourt offense.  Unfortunately, with no quality point guard; Maryland can't effectively take advantage of their bigs down low or run an effective half court set.

My guess is that Howard's descent into sub par play has thrown a significant wrench into Turgeon's plans and caused the entire team to suffer.  With no reliable floor general, the Terps are susceptible to long scoring droughts.

For Maryland to have a chance against Duke, Layman and Aronhalt will need to be hot from deep, Faust will need to limit bad shots and the inside guys will need to hit FTs and get good looks down low.  Also, Duke will need to be relatively cold from deep.

This is basically a must-win for Maryland.  It's the Terps last chance to get a quality win against a ranked team.  Without one, it will be hard to make the case that the Terps are tournament worthy. 

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