Maryland vs Delaware State

12/28/2012 8:18:46 PM The Cupcake Parade continues.  I'm sure that the team feels like we do and are ready to get the real season underway.  Alas, we have two more of these games left.  Delaware St. may be the worst of all the teams we play. 

The Terps are coming off a lackluster second half against a game Stonybrook squad.  Coach Turgeon will be looking for a complete game this time out.  Maryland is poised for an inspiring season and Turgeon will want to see them rounding into shape as we head into the ACC schedule.

Play close attention to the rotation as I expect Turgeon to start trying to mimic the substitution patterns for the rest of the year.

I'd also like to see them run some plays for Aronhalt.  They should try to run him off screens.  It is essential that we have a consistent 3PT threat to open up things for our bigs when teams pack in a zone.  It will serve us well.

Expect a 30+ point win and a complete 40 minute game.

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