Maryland vs BC

12/12/2013 10:16:48 AM Maryland kicks off the ACC season on the road against a team that looks eerily similar to the Terps: BC.  I say that BC is similar because they have been competitive with good teams (see UConn and Providence) but can't seem to beat any of those teams. 

I'm probably being too nice to BC.  Maryland is definitely better than they are.  BC is at home and Maryland hasn't done anything on the road in forever.  One has to assume this will be a nail biter.

Let's be clear.  Maryland cannot afford to lose this game.  Four losses at this point is basically the worst case scenario for the Terps and adding a fifth before January would be devastating.

Roddy Peters is likely starting at PG so one hopes that the offense will look better.  I'd also like to see MD take advantage of its athleticism and press more.  It clearly worked against GW and should be effective against any team that doesn't have outstanding guard play.

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