Maryland vs Abilene Christian

11/13/2013 2:33:34 PM Terps look to rebound this evening against some cannon fodder named Abilene Christian.  There's a joke in here about Christians being thrown to the Turtles (as opposed to Lions) but I'm too lazy to come up with it.

Before the rout ensues, I wanted to point out some interesting data points from the UConn game.

- Terps got zero blocks.  UConn had six.  In a one point game that is a massive difference.
- Terps 8-19 for 3PT vs 10-23 for UConn.  Not bad.
- UConn had 10 (TEN!!) steals vs only 5 for MD.
- Turnovers were equal at a satisfactory 13 apiece.
- UConn shot 51% from the field.  That's an absolute embarrassment that I attribute to the horrendous zone that MD ran in the first half.

I'm interested to see how the Terps address the holes implied by the above stats.  On Sunday, an interesting tilt against Oregon State awaits.  The Terps must win that one.

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