Maryland - UVA Gameday Thread

10/13/2012 8:24:09 AM Despite all the bluster of the Duke - UNC rivalry; I've always believed that the ACC never really had rivalries in the same way other conferences do.  To me, every team is a rival.  I don't particularly want to beat Georgia Tech anymore than I want to beat Clemson.  However, if Maryland has a rival; its UVA. 

Charlottesville is a nice place.  Really it is.  It's the people that inhabit that place that is the problem. UVA fans remind me of Duke fans only without the long history of success.  Mostly, they are over priviledged prep school alums who think that their degree will make them better than you.

UVA got the better of Maryland last year.  Actually, everyone did.  The Terps have the chance to not only avenge that loss but also to put a stamp of arrival on this season.  A win would put the Terps at 4-2 and announce that Edsall has righted the ship.  A win, and the Terps would be positioned to actually make a bowl.  A loss and its back to mediocrity or worse.

The Terps can win if they stop killing themselves with turnovers.  Maryland needs to rely on their defense to take care of business and employ a conservative offensive game plan that values the ball and minimizes risk.  If the Terps turn this into a game of field possession, we can win.

This is a "moving day" game.  4-2 means relevancy and top of the ACC (for now). 3-3 means, who cares?

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