Maryland STANDS Strong!

9/6/2010 5:50:07 PM Could it really have ended any other way? 4th down and goal from the 1. We haven't stopped them all game long when they held onto the ball. How many of us actually thought we would make that stop? Me, I was livid that they could have called timeout with 1:00 left if they were smart. I was hoping to have some time for a final drive.

You gotta give that defense credit. They battled all game long against a very difficult offense to defend. Sure, there were lapses. Sure, they missed a few tackles, but they made plenty of big plays as well, none bigger than Kenny Tate on the final play. Adrian "Lavar Arrington" Moten had the sickest play of the game. It remains to be seen how good this defense will be when facing more traditional offenses, but they fought every single play and the game ball goes to them. Great job boys.

Before I get to my problem with the game, let's give credit to Travis Baltz. This kid punted the hell out of the ball and kicked the winning field goal. He is a player.

Now to the offense. What a great start. They ran all over Navy and it looked like it was going to be a huge offensive day. But one interception and a couple of drives backed up inside our own 5 took some of the momentum away from the offense and the coaching staff did little to get things going again with conservative play calling and lack of trust in Jamarr Robinson.

You can lay blame where you wish on Robinson's interception, but I think it was a good play call on 2nd and short to try and give the kid some confidence throwing the ball. That's my opinion. Obviously, Robinson made a poor decision and that's something we will have to live with until he gains more experience. Now, after that play, the coaching staff seemed to lose confidence in Robinson's ability to throw and never gave him another chance to throw anything downfield. Are you kidding me??? Come on guys, you have to let the kid throw the ball. Forget those bubble screens. See what he can do. I know we were running it well, but faced with 3rd and 10 on an important drive late in the game and you run a QB draw??? Come on guys!!

And don't get me started on putting a freshman QB in the game right after a huge momentum turning punt return by Logan. They may have plans for Danny O'Brien, but get him in next week. That was a horrendous decision and further erodes the confidence of Robinson.

The offensive line did a great job, though they outweigh Navy's D-line by 50 lbs. each. They should have dominated and the real test for those guys is 2 weeks away in Morgantown.

All in all, this was a huge win. It was huge for recruiting and should get us off to a good start. The running backs did well, though I'd like to see more of Scott. This win reminded me of the 2006 season where we won some big games by scoring early and holding on late. We won 9 games that year I believe, beating Purdue in the Champs Sports Bowl and hopefully they can get the bounces this season and we'll have a season to be proud of. It's a nice way to start the season, but this team has a long way to go. Robinson must make better decisions and the coaches have to let him do that. Conservative play-calling will get us nowhere. Let these kids play and we have a chance to have a special season.
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