Maryland - Morgan State Game Thread

9/11/2010 7:26:04 AM This game doesn't need much introduction - if Maryland loses, it will be our worst loss in years. It's the home opener coming off a huge win last week (Thank you, Kenny Tate), facing an FCS team, and not a very good one at that. I'm not going to waste anyone's time by giving you a preview of Morgan State's team, because it doesn't matter. If Maryland loses, it will be because they lost, not that Morgan State won.

The Fridge has gone on record this week saying he'll probably use three quarterbacks, Robinson, Danny O'Brien and perhaps redshirt freshman C.J. Brown. This is a combination of a lack of confidence in Robinson (clearly, considering his performance and the play-calling for him against the Mids), belief in O'Brien and football coaches' intense primeval need to keep everyone guessing.

I don't think this is such a dumb idea. O'Brien has talent, or at least the Fridge thinks he does, and this is the perfect team/situation to get him a good amount of reps. Last week's one-play debacle was just...I'm not even going to pretend to make any sense of it. It was so stupid, and then O'Brien didn't even get to go back out there to try and redeem himself. I know this has all been said in the comments, I just...okay, deep breaths.

The key to this game, as in Navy, will be Meggett and Scott. I want Scott to start piling up some big-time numbers because I think he's an NFL talent and the less he gets to showcase, the lower he'll be drafted. I like what Meggett brings to the table (I had no idea he was capable of busting a run like that 67-yarder. Looks like he got some of his dad's jets after all), but I just think Scott's far more talented, has less eligibility, and until he starts fumbling, he should get the vast majority of the workload.

If those two guys have a game like they had against Navy, except with more that 18 combined carries, the Terps will dominate this game. The scoreboard might not reflect it, but I want a yardage disparity comparable to the Navy game, except switched. We should be able to run down their throats with ease - the biggest difference between a high-quality football team (I guess Maryland qualifies for the sake of this point) and a lower-caliber one is always the size and cohesion of the lines. Our O-line, despite their troubles, should have their way with the Bears.

On defense, I hope Joe Vellano goes into berzerker mode again. The Navy game was a two-man coming out party, except Kenny "Terry" Tate was a four-star recruit. Vellano was a nobody before that game, and he goes out and has a top-5 DT performance of the Friedgen era. He's officially a breakout if he has two or more TFL again.

One thing I think needs to happen on D is Wujciak needs to get back to his old self. Even though he had a Wujciak-ian 18 tackles (mostly assists) against Navy, I saw him behind a few plays and even had a huge missed tackle at one point in the first game. He's got to be more aggressive this week to get geared up for WVU and beyond.

I'll be in the press box for this one, tweeting @ethanrothstein and @turtlesportsrep, and I'll have video of the press conference and player interviews afterwards that I'll post to the site. Let's got 2-0 Terps!
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