Maryland Heads To UVA For Big Clash

2/18/2012 8:38:33 AM

 The Terps are getting better.  Despite losing PeShon Howard, the Terps cruised past BC on Thursday in what may have been their most complete game of the season.  The Terps got out in front early and they were able to maintain the lead for the entire game.

Virginia, on the other hand, is coming off back to back losses including a double digit loss at Clemson.  Surely, the Cavaliers will be desperate for a win.

Personally, I'd like nothing more than to beat UVA.  In the past, I've never looked at UVA as a rival; but recently I've noticed how arrogant and dickish their fans are.  A win today by the Terps today would put a damper on what has been the best UVA season in a decade. 

Statistically, the Terps match up well with the Cavaliers.  Maryland is a better rebounding team and UVA shoots better from the field; but overall their stat lines are close.

The Terps won't lack for motivation.  A win and the Terps will have a quality road win that is sure to help the RPI ranking.  It will aslo set up what could be a nice run to end the season.  A home revenge game at Miami looms during the coming week and the Terps will then travel to Georgia Tech.  Those games are winnable which means that today's game is key to the Terps getting to 18-10.  At 18-10; the Terps are a legitimate bubble team and should get to 20 wins (including ACCT) which would be a remarkable achievement.

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