Maryland Gets Off The Schnide, Beats #5 UVA

3/9/2014 2:48:06 PM It finally happened.  The Terps closed out a close game.  Sure, they nearly blew it in the final sequence of regulation, but they were able to regain their composure and win the game.  That hasn't happened all season.

Credit the whole team for playing their roles.  Shaq Cleare had a crucial rebound tip.  Allen and Wells penetrated at will down the stretch.  Layman was money from the FT line.  It was a team effort.

The win is bittersweet. It demonstrates what could have been had the Terps played this way all season.  By my count, I think Maryland should have at least 7 more wins if they had executed down the stretch in those games (Oregon St, GW, BU, @NCST, @Duke, @Clemson, Syracuse).  Everyone who has followed this team knows that I'm right.  The Terps should be 23-7.  What a shame.

All we can hope for is that the Terps get an injection of confidence from today's win and it propels them towards a nice Tournament run.  They have proven over the last 10 games that they can play with every team in the conference. They've got nothing to lose.

If NC State loses to BC this evening, Maryland will get the #7 seed.  Otherwise, they will play FSU in the 8/9 game.  Not exactly a gimmie but the Terps will need to play their best if they are going to make any kind of run, so the first game doesn't really matter.

Regardless of what happens next weekend, Terp fans should feel better about things heading in the B1G next year.  The Terps will be senior laden and will hopefully have belief that they can win close games.

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