Maryland @ Duke

2/15/2014 8:55:11 AM This is the last Maryland-Duke game for some time.  It's been a great rivalry over the years.  Has it been the best rivalry in college basketball? No.  Has it been it the best in the ACC?  No.  Does that take away from the fact that it has been great?  Not a bit.

Circumstances change.  The power conferences have decided that money is more important than tradition and Maryland needs to move on. The new ACC has destroyed what was left of this rivalry and Maryland has decided that more money and opportunity await in the B1G.

The result is that tonight is Maryland's last chance for awhile to get a win at Cameron.  The Terps are desperate. The Terps are also fundamentally flawed.  Anyone who watched the Terps effort against UVA could see that the Terps have no one over 6'7" who can score.  With no post presence, the Terps have no real chance of beating good teams.

Duke is a good team.  The Terps will need to shoot the lights out for 40 minutes.  No breaks. That's there only chance.

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