Maryland - Duke Thread

1/27/2008 2:42:49 PM Pregame: 1:30 CT

The Gold Palace is preparing for a classic battle of wills this evening. The anticipation is killing me. I may have to go run on the treadmill to relieve the anticipation.

I have added the "chat" feature for this evening's game. It's at the bottom of the post on the left hand side. If you feel like commiserating with the rest of Turtle Soup during the game, that is the venue.

Tipoff 5:40 CT

Because Sean Singletary was allowed to take 5 steps on his way to a game tying layup; we are going to have to endure overtime of the GT - UVA game. This is ridiculous. No one cares about these two teams. Switch to Maryland - Duke!

1st TV Timeout 5:50 CT

13-12 Maryland. We look to be shooting the ball well, but judging by the number of shots Duke has taken; we are either turning the ball over or giving up offenisive rebounds. Switch to the game already!

Under 8 timeout 6:13 CT

Turnovers are killing the Terps. They are still in the game thanks to good shooting, but they need to take better care of the ball. Part of it, is that Duke's hands are all over the place. I think they are reaching and committing fouls, but of course that's what I think. Just take better care of the ball, Terps!

Under 4 timeout 6:21 CT

Some great sequences. The Terps are really clicking on offense. There was an absolutely atrocious call against Jim Gist. That was a clean block. The announcer claimed that Gist got Singler on the hand. Umm, the hand is part of the ball, jackass.

1:32 Left in the half

My eyes have seen the glory! Coach K got T'd up for complaining to the officials! Sweet justice! The best part is that the play he was bitching about (Gist's follow-up dunk) was a clean play. No interference. What a tool!


The 2008 Terps scored 51 points in the first half. 51 points! Who thought that possible after what we endured in the latter part of 2007. Like Coach Williams said as he went in to the half, "It's just 20 minutes." 40 minutes make a game, but I love what I see. The Terps cut down on the turnovers in the last 8 minutes. If that trend continues, we should win. Perhaps the best outcome thus far is that it is clear last week's offense was not an aberration. The Terps have found an offense. Let's hope in continues throughout the second half.

12 Minutes Left

Just a disastrous 8 minutes. Maryland gave back the entire first half cushion. Too many turnovers and frankly, Duke outhustled them. How will Maryland respond?

Post Game Thoughts

Duke demolished Maryland in the second half. They outscored the Terps 51-33. DeMarcus Nelson would not miss in the second half. Every loose ball went Duke's way. Coach K spread out his offense and neutralized Maryland's inside advantage. The players executed the game plan perfectly.

Duke is a good team, but for Maryland to play so well in the first half and then collapse in the second half is just disheartening. The season is not over, but Maryland needs to rebound from this loss quickly. UVa comes to town badly needing a win. Can the Terps put together a run to finish the season?
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