Marek Soucek - Savior?

4/21/2011 10:12:02 AM For those that didn't follow DBR's sage advice from the previous thread, Marek Soucek could save our season.  He's 7'0" 235lb with 3PT range.  As the highlight video demonstrates, don't expect him to solve our offensive rebounding woes as he seems to like playing out on the perimeter and (believe or not) slashing to the basket.  Defensively, he should give the Terps a chance at controlling the paint since he will clearly be matched up with the opposing team's big man down low.  He's a 2011 recruit and plays in the Canary Islands right now.  Whatever it takes, Gary.  Get this kid.

If he comes, the Terps would be very difficult to match up against.  Soucek would draw out the opponent's big men to cover him in on the perimeter and this could open things up for our guards to penetrate.  Stoglin could get to the lane at will.  With Faust and Soucek added to our stable of perimeter shooters, the Terps are suddenly one of the better 3PT shooting teams in the country.
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