Longwood Comes To Town (If That's Their Real Name)

2/8/2011 1:53:55 PM If you had asked me whether I think it is more likely that the name "Longwood" belonged to a Division I University or an 80s Pornstar; I would have gone with Pornstar.  I mean is there a better porn name than "Richard Longwood"? My goodness.

Regardless, the pathetic "Lancers" (that's their real mascot) come to town tomorrow in what will be an RPI-damaging win for Maryland. 

This is game is meant to be a break from ACC play; but I take exception with the schedulers on the strategy.  It's one thing to put an easy win on the docket in the middle of the conference slate; but Maryland should have found a school that had a better pedigree than this.  With the Terps sitting on the bubble, this game makes no sense. 

In the grand scheme; it won't matter as the Terps can win 5 of their 6 remaining games after Longwood and coast in the the NCAAs.  Unfortunately, the Longwood game adds to the degree difficulty.

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