Lax Final Four Thread

5/27/2011 7:30:43 PM Despite Wheels' statements to the contrary; I like the Men's Lacrosse team.  I don't write about them because I never played the sport and don't know enough to speak intelligently about it.  What's more, they've never given me a reason to believe they could win it all.  Until last weekend, that is.

The Men's Lacrosse team have been a welcome distraction this May.  All the turmoil with the Basketball team has been difficult to endure for sure; so when when the Men's team won the ACC Title, I was intrigued.  Perhaps all of the Quarterfinal flame outs of the previous years were over.

Sure enough, the Terps overcame a brutal seeding (they were unseeded actually) and stomped on UNC in Chapel Hill.  They even whipped out the hidden ball trick during the game.  Then last weekend, the Terps proved all the doubters wrong and beat the #1 seed, Syracuse, in overtime.  It was an incredibly gutsy win.  The seniors refused to make that their last game.

Now the Terps face their ever-present nemesis, Duke.  It always seems to come down to those guys doesn't it?  Duke is the defending National Champs, but the Terps just beat them in the ACC Tourney.  In fact, no one in this Final Four should scare the Terps.  In the other bracket, UVA plays Denver. 

Maryland trounced UVA in Charlottesville earlier this year and Denver, well, who the hell knows about Denver?  In Baltimore, I'm giving the Terps the edge. In fact, if the Terps make the Final; I wouldn't be surprised if 60,000+ showed up at M&T Bank Stadium.  Maryland hasn't won the Lacrosse National Title in forever.  I dont even know the exact year; but I'm pretty sure it was before I was born.  To do it in Baltimore would be sweet.

If they are going to win it all; it sure figures that it should come from a senior-laden squad with a first year coach that no one thought had a chance. It's time to believe in this team.  The state of Maryland is the heartbeat of the sport and it's about time the flagship school held the trophy.  Go Terps.
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