Jerami Grant Decision Looming; Not Looking Good For MD

9/6/2011 8:35:39 PM It's looking like Jerami Grant will announce his college choice tomorrow and it won't be Maryland or Rutgers.  It seems that Syracuse will be the pick.  Turtle Soup sources (read: DBR) are quoting sources from NY that are claiming the Orangemen will get Grant's services.  How's that for a rumor from a rumor. 

Well, I'm going with the story because it makes sense.  Having lost out on Layman, Syracuse has made a late play for Grant.  Perhaps Grant thought Syracuse was out of reach and now that they have come calling, he's going to accept the offer. 

Another possibility is that Amile Jefferson is close to considering MD and there just is not enough room on the roster for Layman, Grant, and Jefferson. Obviously, any AJ speculation is purely aspirational; but a guy can hope can't he?

Either way, look for an announcement tomorrow.
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