Jekyll Shows Up; Terps Rout Wake

10/18/2008 3:49:18 PM Ah, how nice was it to see the good Terps again. We sure did miss you guys. Here's hoping you stick around for a while this time!

I have to say, what a performance by the entire team on Saturday as Maryland dominated Wake 26-0. This was a total team effort and the first time all season the team has played a complete game. I think we need to call out the team every week if that's what gets them to play this way.

Let's start with the defense. Wow. Hey Chris Cosh, that is how you coordinate! The Terps put pressure on Riley Skinner all day long and the defensive line had perhaps the best game I can remember. They swarmed to the ball all day. Sure, the receivers dropped some passes early on, but there are always going to be those kinds of mistakes. The offense put the D in some tough situations early on, but they were able to force FG attempts and that was huge. At one point, Wake went 6 possessions without getting into Maryland territory. The Terps tackled extremely well and here's hoping they can play that physical in the coming weeks. Wake hadn't been shutout in 10 years! Cosh, you are off the hook once again, but PLEASE LET'S SEE SOME CONSISTENCY.

Next up, the offense. Da'Rel Scott had a brutal first half with 3 fumbles (2 lost), but threw a great ball to Darrius Heyward-Bey on a halfback option and ran the ball okay the rest of the way. Interesting offensive gameplan letting Chris Turner throw over 40 times, but it worked. Turner was really good and in control the whole game. Oh, and they decided to get Heyward-Bey involved. What a concept! The guy caught 11 passes and we won. Hmmm.

Kudos really have to go out to the offensive line. The offense would not have been able to throw the ball so much if the O-line did not protect. They played physical as well and opened up some nice running lanes too. The O-line had its best game by far. Davin Meggett had some nice runs and he should be on the field more as well. I would love to see a backfield with Portis, Scott and Meggett for a couple of option plays. Who do you run to! Are you reading this Franklin!

More praise to our reborn kicker Obi. The guy is money right now. Even when they don't look great, they go through. Great job Obi getting your confidence back and those kicks in the first half and early in the second half were bigtime.

So here we are. 5-2, 2-1 in the ACC. Will we be ranked? Maybe. Do we deserve to be ranked? I say not quite yet. I say they must prove they can play well in back to back weeks and if they come out next week against NC State at home for homecoming and whoop em, then we'll be deserving. So let's enjoy this for about a day and start thinking about NC State. In fact, we should put a number by NC State so the Terps think they are a ranked team.

Go Terps! We are proud of you today. The ACC is wide open and this could be a special season if they really really want it!
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