It's Time To Sit CJ Brown

9/14/2014 9:04:35 AM Yesterday's loss looked close but it wasn't. WVU ran all over Maryland.  Nearly 700 yards of total offense? What's worse than calling that "embarrassing"? Humiliating? Yeah that's it.  It was humiliating.  From where I sit, I didn't see a defense that was ready for the offense they faced.  The Terps rushed 3 or 4 guys the entire game. It looked the same in the first quarter as it did in the fourth.  No adjustments were made.  How does that happen?  I haven't counted, but I'd bet that close to 400 of West Virginia's 700 yards came on wide receiver screens.

It's hard to not see the irony that wide receiver screens are exactly what Maryland should be doing with all it's wide receiver talent.  Of course, if you can't throw the ball down the field with any accuracy, those wide receiver screens won't work.  That's where CJ Brown comes in.  He is woefully inaccurate as a passer.  Yes, he can run and create plays with his feet, but the last I checked, there are 11 men on the field.  Some of those men are physically gifted athletes.  It's the quarterback's job to get the ball in the hands of those men.  CJ Brown cannot do that. He is either wildly overthrowing his man or ground-balling it to him. This point was hammered home when Caleb Rowe stepped in for a series at the end of the first half.  Rowe hit his receivers in stride.  He threaded the needle on that TD pass.

Of course, Randy Edsall sent him right to the bench.  Yes CJ ran 70 yards on the next possession but he can't get the rest of his teammates involved.  Rowe is not Peyton Manning but he's better at throwing the football the CJ Brown.  He needs to start.

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