Is Eric Hayes Going To Get Drafted?

6/2/2010 5:47:56 PM OK, I'll admit it.  I'm friends with Eric Hayes on Facebook.  I've never said a word to the kid and I'm sure he has no idea who I am.  Nevertheless, being "friends" with him has given me some insight into what Eric has been up to lately.

Eric spent the month of May studying really hard for Finals and preparing for graduation.  While his dedication to his studies is admirable and his graduation from Maryland makes me proud; Eric's June is setting up to be much more interesting.

In the last week, Eric's status updates have included trips to Chicago (draft workouts), a workout and evaluation by Wizards, and now, Eric is headed to Toronto (presumably to workout for the Raptors).

It seems that Eric's performance in the NCAA 3-point shootout during the Final Four (he won) has created some interest amongst NBA teams.  I'm sure Steve Blake's success has also generated interest as well.

I generally do not follow the mock pre-drafts; but I have to think that Hayes has a legit chance to hear his name called given all the interest he is receiving.  Before writing this post, I did a little analysis and no one is projecting Eric to fall into the first two rounds.  Regardless, I wouldn't be shocked if he sneaks in there.

While we are here, can someone explain to me why a loser like Ed Davis is a lock to be a lottery pick, while Greivis Vasquez is projecting to be picked in the middle of round 2?  If Ed Davis is so good, why did UNC finish with such an embarrassing record last year?  Davis had plenty of talent around him too.  If he was a lottery pick, the Tarheels would have at least finished over .500 right?  Meanwhile, Vasquez was the PLAYER OF THE YEAR in the ACC!!

What am I missing here?  I'm not saying that Greivis should be rated higher (although he should); but you can't tell me that Ed Davis is a top 10 pick.  The older I get the more I realize that the NBA is a terrible product because the majority of teams are run by idiots.


I'll leave you with  a clip of Eric being interviewed after his Wizards workout:

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