Hi Wound. I'm Salt.

1/8/2009 3:38:03 PM In what couldn't be timed any better to inflict more damage upon Terp Nation; ESPN has an article today about none other than Tyree Evans.  For those unaware, he is playing at Kent State.  He sat out the first semester but has played in 5 games.  Of course, he is Kent State's leading scorer.

Here are the stats the matter:

Points Per Game: 16.6

3PT%:  47.2

Steals Per Game: 1.6

In other news, Maryland lost to Morgan State last night and shot 1-14 from three-point range.

To cap the day,  I am going to watch looped footage of Shane Battier flopping to the floor and drawing Lonnie Baxter's fifth foul in the 2001 Final Four.
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