Hey Kevin Anderson; Your Short List Should Have Anthony Grant On It.

5/8/2011 3:05:30 PM It appears that Kevin Anderson and staff are out of ideas after being spurned by Sean Miller. The details of the fiasco have yet to be revealed; but suffice it to say that Terps Nation feels snake bitten. Not only has our legendary coach hung it up for good; but we go from hearing the media tell us how great a job Maryland is, to hearing that none of the top coaches are actually interested.


After getting spurned by Miller; the rumor was that Anderson wanted Mike Brey.  Fortunately, Brey said no.  Maryland does not need a name as much as we need a guy who can recruit and can coach.   Mike Brey has not proven that he can do either and at 52, is a little too long in the tooth for my taste. Apparently, Brey age and mediocre track record are lost on Anderson.

Kevin Anderson likes to go around quoting from a 10-year old business book, Good to Great.  Comically, the author touts Enron as a company that made the leap from "good" to "great".   Why anyone would be quoting from a book like this is beyond me.

The irony of course, is that Anderson's credibility is equal to that of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling.  Since Anderson appears to be completely lost on what to do next, I've decided to provide him with a road map for how to proceed

Since Wright and Dixon aren't interested; the Terps must focus on young guys with good track records.  Here's a short list of candidates:

1. Anthony Grant, Age 45, Record: 118-52
-  Current Head Coach at Alabama
-  Asst Coach and lead recruiter at Florida for 10 years
-  2 NCAA Tournament appearances in 3 years as HC at VCU

2. Mark Turgeon, Age 46, Record: 249-158
-  Current Head Coach at Texas A&M
-  4 straight NCAA Tournament Appearances plus a Sweet 16 2006 while at Wichita State

Both Grant and Turgeon have done well at Football schools.  Maryland is a big step up from both A&M and Bama.  They'd go from second fiddle to top dog, plus they could extricate themselves from the backwaters of Tuscaloosa (sorry to kick someone when they are down) and College Station.

Both men are considered to be great coaches.  I give Grant the edge because I know that he can hit a home run recruiting in the Balt/DC area.  These two guys are great options for Maryland.  Both have won in every place they have coached and there is no reason to believe they won't do even better in College Park.

If for some reason, Anderson can't pluck either of them away; it's time to look at younger guys like:

3.  Josh Pastner
4.  Shaka Smart

I'm guessing that Shaka is not interested since we aren't hearing his name bandied about. As for Pastner; he may not be interested either, but it's worth asking.  After all, Memphis plays in Conference USA.  Either of these guys would be great hires.  They can each build legacies at Maryland without Terp fans having to worry about them jumping ship in a couple of years.  Pastner is an Arizona grad and it's clear that the Wildcats won't be needing a new coach for a long time.  As for Shaka, he's a Madison WI native so he could be interested in that job when Bo Ryan retires.  However, I think we could keep him depending on the level of success he has in College Park.

Finally, if we can't land any of the above four guys; then we should give the job to:

5. Current assistant Rob Ehsan 

Why not? He'd likely be able to keep the current crop of recruits and I think we'd have a decent shot of getting Shaquille Cleare to commit.  Ehsan is a far better option than bringing in Tubby Smith for a couple of years. He's got an opportunity to take what good his mentor, Gary Williams has built and make it great (see what I did there?).

So there you have it, Mr. Anderson.  Please go and do likewise.
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