Hello Terrell Stoglin

4/2/2009 2:25:52 PM It appears that the Terps and Gary Williams to pull a recruit out of nowhere.  Say hello to Terrell Stoglin for Arizona.  Here's what I dug up:


June, 2008: Terrell is a shooting point guard. He is a lefty that is better at scoring than creating for others. He has nice strength and can be an explosive scorer. He has range to 20 feet. He definitely needs to improve his decision making. He is probably more of a 2 than a 1 at this point. He has the ability to be a good defender, he just needs to improve his effort. He is a top 200 player in the 2010 class nationally.

December, 2007: Stoglin put together one of the more memorable performances of the 2007-08 season with his effort against Compton and its renowned star Demar DeRozan. This lefty has a lengthy, yet chiseled physique for someone so young. He doesn't possess great speed and/or quickness, but he is very clever with his handle and quite savvy with his passing. He can swing between both guard positions because he possesses that scorer's mentality as well. He is very crafty working along the baseline and has a smooth looking jump shot out to the stripe. Despite all his attributes, what stands out the most is his poise and overall feel for the game. He hit a number of clutch shots down the stretch in tight games and never got rattled under intense pressure. Stoglin has a mature game and body and it will be interesting to see what level he ends up at in a couple of seasons.

I've been saying for years that this programs needs a 6'0" shooting guard.  Starting in 2010, we'll have one.
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