Have We Done Enough?

3/15/2009 8:56:08 AM According to most of the 'experts', we are in.  Then again, who knows what will happen come 6pm?  Obviously, I hate the fact that we are sitting here, nervous and excited for the possibility of getting to the dance when a bunch of middle-aged folk in a room decide our fate.

That being said, I think all of us are just thrilled to have this nervous energy after last week's choke job in Charlottesville.

The arguments are working in our favor.  3 Top 10 wins is many more than any other bubble team we are being compared to.   Despite what the official Strength of Schedules say, we are the only team to have faced Duke/Carolina/Wake a total of 7 times.  That would be tough for anyone.

Could they possibly choose more Big Ten teams than ACC teams when we routinely kick their ass in the ACC/Big Ten challenge?  You can argue for Michigan since they did beat Duke and UCLA earlier in the year (and of course we beat them head to head), but what about Wisconsin?  Who have they beat?  Should they be in over us?  Teams like St.Mary's and Creighton have big win totals, but put them in the ACC and do they even stand a chance?

Then again, we lost some games that we had no business losing.  Will that cost us in the end? 

No matter what happens, I like this team.  Except for the second half of the first Duke game, they worked hard and gave full effort in every game.  That is nice, and they seem to be playing well at the moment, but will it be enough?

Wouldn't the committee want a team like Maryland in the dance?  I mean, we are recognizable.  We have a famous coach.  We have an emotional best player who brings excitement to a game by blowing kisses to the crowd and such.  And we have the ability to beat anyone.  What more could you want?

I guess I'll be sweating it out for the next 6 hours like the rest of us.  (Go Vols!)
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