Gist: What Took You So Long?

1/24/2007 11:03:17 PM I decided to write as I watch the game tonight. However, I am sitting in my apartment listening to Mr. Holiday because ACC Select punted yet again. Despite advertising the game on their site, it is "blacked out" in Chicago. Sure. Whatever. All I know is that it is not on TV here, and I can't imagine that another Internet entity purchased the rights. Boy, the Wall Street Journal was wise to do a feature on these morons. I had an inane conversation with one of their customer service agents, but more on that later.

I am going to just give you my random thoughts as I listen to Johnny's dulcet tones.....
So far the Terps are playing well. As we all know tonight is make or break, so depending on how things go; you may see my writing become stilted and acrimonious. If things continue on its current trend, well it will be peanuts and balloons the rest of the way.

We are at the 8 minute mark of the first half and we are up 24-13. We are shooting nearly 50%. I couldn't tell, because I was busy arguing with ACC Select, but I think Hayes started. He is a pure PG, and maybe that is the difference. I'm not so sure though. James Gist sounds like the second coming of Len Bias. He is dunking, hitting threes, he cannot miss. With an inside presence, the Terps are a different team.

With four minutes left, we have Tech doubled up at 39-19. Can we bottle some this for Florida State? Even more encouraging is that if you take away Gist's otherworldly performance (16 points), the Terps are still winning.

It's halftime and we are up 17. Pinch me. As an added bonus, my rigatoni dinner is delicious.

The second half just started and I heard Holiday say that the Jackets are 1-9 from the FT line and have 14 turnovers. I'd say that they are beating themselves. I guess we are playing well, but this is an epic turd that Tech is turning in. I guess we shouldn't starting sucking each others' you-know-what yet. Tech sounds abysmal.

Is anyone else starting notice a pattern with freshman PGs on the road? Crittendon has a boat load of TO's. What can we do to keep Hayes and Vasquez from doing this to us against FSU?

Bowers just took a ten-footer. I'm glad I'm not watching. So what do you think is going through Bowers head when he releases 10-footers? Perhaps, it's something like, "My shooting percentage for jump shots is about 2% and I know that no one in this building besides the guys on the opposing team want me to take this shot, but screw them. Bombs away!" Sheesh.

Tech cuts the lead to 11 with 12 minutes to play. Don't do this to me. I seriously can't handle a collapse. The Terps have 7 field goal ATTEMPTS in the second half after 8 minutes of play. What a shock. The Terps are in a scoreless drought.

Speaking of which is there a better theme for the last three years of Maryland basketball? "A 5+ minutes scoreless streak. Guaranteed." No one and I mean, no one does it better than Maryland. Someone call the guy who patented "Fear the Turtle". I may have another winner here! Wouldn't that look great on T-shirt?

I just learned the following: Hayes has taken a grand total of 8 FT's all year. Umm, that's not enough. Can someone show this kid the lane? Drive to the hole, son. It's a requirement of the PG position.

The immortal Dave Neal is about to attempt a pair of FT's and there is 7 minutes left. Did I fall asleep and wake up in garbage time? We are only up 14, Gary.

Apparently, Neal has ice water in his veins. Meanwhile, our starters are shooting 50% from the line.

OK we are up 16 and we have made to the last TV timeout. We have now entered garbaaaage time. Now that the game has been decided, I can finish venting about ACC Select.

I still can't get over what a load of crap their product is. I spoke with a customer service agent and the conversation ended thusly, "Good luck selling subscriptions to ACC women's gymnastics events. You will be out of business in three months." Seriously, if all men's basketball games wind up getting blacked out; then what service do they have to offer consumers? OK that is it. In the words of Stephen Colbert, ACC Select is dead to me.

Tonight's win was great. However, all it means is that our season is not over yet. We MUST follow this up with at least one road win. We have FSU and Wake on the docket. A sweep is possible and frankly, it is desperately needed. If we go 0-2 on this upcoming road swing, we can pack it in. It's over. For now, we have a reprieve. Terp fans have six days to enjoy this, and after that our Terps have a reckoning with their nemesis: ACC road games.
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