Georgia Tech Thread

1/30/2011 4:15:29 PM The Terps face another must-win game tonight if they hope to continue their climb back into the NCAA Tournament.

Georgia Tech is a bit of an enigma.  We've seen perplexing home losses to teams like Kennesaw State and Charlotte; followed by uplifting wins against the likes of UNC and Virginia Tech.

So who are the Yellowjackets? It seems that their fates rises and falls on the heels of Imam Shumpert, the blue chip guard that leads them.  When he is interested, the Jackets have played well.  Teams that have been able to collar him; have won.

Shumpert's improved dramatically as the season has unfolded and he is having his best scoring season yet. 
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For the Terps to win, they need to hold Shumpert to more than his season average and force him into becoming more of a distributor than a scorer.  I don't think Tech has the horses to run with us if Shumpert isn't lighting it up.  Before we turn it over to the players to decide things, here's another side-by-side snapshot of the two teams from our friends at

MARY 76.8 47.9 63.3 34.4 40.1 13.2 26.9 16.9 14.2 7.1 5.3 16.4
GT 70.9 42.1 70.3 30.7 36.7 13.0 23.7 14.1 13.3 9.8 4.4 20.9
MARY Opponents 63.1 38.1 68.4 30.5 35.2 12.2 23.1 11.9 16.4 5.9 3.6 19.9
GT Opponents 66.5 43.0 64.7 38.7 34.4 9.7 24.7 13.4 16.8 5.9 2.8 18.9

I think the Terps win in convincing fashion by pulling away late; but what do I know?  I'm usually wrong.  Go Terps.
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