Gary Reflects

1/23/2012 2:42:18 PM

Courtesy of the Washington Post, I thought I would reprint an except of a recent Gary Williams radio interview.  There is more on the Post's website, but I thought his reflection on the Michigan State loss in 2010 was pretty interesting!

“A lot of teams lose during the year, but you can’t lose during the tournament,” Williams said. The last one that really hurt was the Michigan State game in 2010.”

 “You over that one yet?” Czaban asked.

 “Nope,” Gary said. “Never will be. Never will be. The thing about that game, Vasquez scored 10 points in the last minute and 5 seconds of that game. We went up twice in the last 20 seconds. They hit a jump shot from right in front of Izzo as Izzo’s calling timeout. You can see it on the tape. Ok, that was the first one.

“[Then] Vasquez scores to put us up one, they go down again, we get ‘em on the sideline, we’ve got ‘em trapped pretty good over there. They throw it to the top of the circle, the kid’s running in. Big kid, [Delvon Roe], can’t shoot for Michigan State, ducks. And it goes right to [Korie Lucious], the guard. And he sticks it. And they throw [him] off the team the next year. A year too late, you know?

“But see here’s the thing, if you throw the ball to a kid that’s one year old, he won’t catch it, but he’ll try to catch it with his hands. This kid DUCKS. Nobody ducks when you throw a ball.”

 “How did that big dummy know to duck?” Czaban asked.

 “He didn’t,” Williams said. “He didn’t want the ball. That was all. I mean, it was incredible. We should have stolen that pass, though. We had a guy in position to steal that, and he just kind of locked up.”

Classic.  Oh, the horrible memories!

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