Gameday: Maryland vs Rutgers

11/28/2014 9:59:04 PM The quest for 8-4 ends tomorrow with a home game against Rutgers.  Maryland can taste a decent bowl and I don't see Rutgers spoiling the party. Rutgers has been getting rolled in the Big Ten and I think the Terps have a chance to run up the score.

A win and the Terps have a shot at a decent bowl.  I've seen them projected to play in the Citrus Bowl on New Year's Day but I've also seen them slated to play in the Music City Bowl against a so-so Tennessee squad. That would be a dreadful result.  It would be a home game for Tennessee and lackluster bowl for Maryland's best season in years but it is what it is. We're building a program.

As for the basketball team, let's hope tonight was anomaly.  That was as dreadful as a win can be. Thankfully, Dez is only out a month.

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