Gameday: Maryland vs Michigan

11/21/2014 8:34:36 PM After an absence of lord knows how many years, I will be attending a Maryland football game tomorrow. That's right, I'm headed to the Big House to see which of these two teams is the least mediocre.  The winner will be declared the best-worst team in the Big Ten.  Can you feel the excitement?

In all seriousness, the Terps have a chance to cap off an unusual feat: road wins at Michigan and Penn State in the same season.  Granted, both teams are having historically awful seasons, but it'd be a noteworthy accomplishment during Maryland's inaugural season in the B1G.

As for the game, CJ Brown is still the QB so that means the offense will sputter and we'll see a lot of one-hoppers to the receivers.  Yet, the Terps should be in the game throughout if not comfortably ahead.  The Wolverines are awful.  The crowd will be tempted to root against Michigan in the hopes that it will hasten Brady Hoke's departure.

Could anything be better than watching two average teams in cold rain?

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