Fridge Rehires Franklin

12/24/2007 11:42:24 AM Yeah, I know this is mostly a hoops page, but we have a big game on Friday and things are looking up for the football program after the Fridge finally hired an Offensive Coordinator. Oh, and apparently he can recruit too.

Here's the Baltimore Sun story:

James Franklin, a former Maryland assistant, is returning to the school as offensive coordinator.Franklin, who was the Terps' wide receivers coach from 2000 to 2004, has spent the past two seasons as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Kansas State.

"James Franklin is definitely the person who fits what I have been looking for," coach Ralph Friedgen said in a statement. "His knowledge of our program, his experience as a coordinator and his ability to recruit definitely strengthen us as a coaching staff and football program."

Franklin was named one of the nation's top 25 recruiters by Now he's no Locksley, so he may not be able to keep guys from going to Illinois, but things should get better on many fronts. First, it allows the Fridge to worry about the entire team and not have too much on his plate by being OC as well, and it will give our offense a fresh look, while not changing a lot of the system since he was here for so long before.

I don't know about you, but with the horrors surrounding the hoop team right now, I'm pretty excited to watch the Emerald Bowl on Friday. It should be a good, close game and I'm intrigued to watch the Terps play a team I really have never seen much before.
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