Football Terps vs. NC State Thread

11/27/2010 8:57:37 AM The football regular season ends today at 330PM ET as the Terps play host to NC State.  NC State can secure a spot in the ACC Championship Game with a win so they have all to play for. 

The Terps on the other hand are playing for things like:  Senior Day, Pride, and Bowl Position (although its likely the Military Bowl regardless of outcome).

I don't think it will matter much as the Fridge will have the team properly motivated.  I've always considered 8 regular season wins as the threshold for a successful season and the Terps are on the cusp of that.

NC State is a quality team (by ACC standards); but the Terps have proven that they can play with those teams. The coaches still play too conservatively and I don't put it past them to screw the players again with the timid play calling.

NC State has an athletic QB; but the Terps have been able to contain those types of guys all season.

In the final analysis, the outcome today is almost irrelevant because our bowl is virtually assured.  That may be a tad depressing; but I can't recall the last time I've been this optimistic about the future of the program.  Danny O'Brien has the potential to be the best Terp QB since Shaun Hill was hanging around College Park.  Who could have imagined that back in August?

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