Terps v Clemson Game Thread

In my mind, today’s game can only be defined in one way. Win or lose,  if the Terps play well; they will remain relevant in the eyes of fans and alumni.  A blowout or demoralizing loss and it is on to basketball season for the faithful.  Terp fans have always been a fickle bunch; but the Football team’s bandwagon is poised for a mass exodus.

I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen.  Historically, we’ve played well in Death Valley.  I just have little faith in the coaching staff and I think that Clemson’s talent will make it impossible to hide James Franklin’s incompetence.

Clemson has played a tough schedule and their record demonstrates that they are still learning how to win.  Maryland could surprise. At the very least, I expect the Terps to start better than they did against West Virginia.  That was an embarrassment.  A repeat performance would set the program back significantly.

In the end, we should hope to be close heading into the 4th quarter and hope to get lucky down the stretch.  A win and we all get to care about football for the rest of the season.

Author: Jeremy | 10/15/2010 12:00:00 AM |

Terps Escape Duke 21-16; Suckiness Confirmed

"We're not the number of fingers I'm holding up!"      Image by Getty Images via @daylifeSo, who had the under tonight?  Thought so.  Jeez, am I glad I don't bet on sports anymore.  How the Terps offense only mustered 14 points against that defense (7 points came on a Punt Return) is a mystery.  Elon College scored more points against Duke than the [...] Read More »

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Duke v Maryland Preview and Game Thread

Duke Football. Catch the excitement.                  Image by dwehrs via FlickrDuke supposedly has an offense.  41 points in the opener vs.Elon and 48 points at Wake.  Sounds impressive until one looks at the last two games.  13 points scored at Alabama and 21 points scored in a loss to Army.  Granted, Alabama is the best team in the country; but [...] Read More »

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The FIU Aftermath

The most important thing is a victory. The kids worked their butts off, played hurt, and earned a victory over a decent team. I want to take nothing away from them. I, for one, am proud of how hard they play and have played this year. I just think they can be better and it's up to the coaching staff to put them in better positions to succeed. [...] Read More »

Author: Gregg | 9/25/2010 12:00:00 AM |

FIU Preview and Game Thread

2-2 or 3-1?  That is the question. Mr. Smith Goes to Byrd Stadium       Image via Wikipedia The answer will determine if the rest of the Terps football season is even worth following.  Am I being dramatic?  Yes.  Is a 2-2 record that includes a home loss to Florida International Universit [...] Read More »

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The Cavalcade of Injuries Continue

Left tackle Justin Gilbert will miss the remainder of the season, according to numerous sources, another in a long, long list of injuries for the Terps through the season's first three weeks. There were a number of lineup change options that the coaches had to choose from, but they decided to go with the one that was horribly unsuccessful on Saturd [...] Read More »

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West Virginia Recap - They Were Who We Thought They Were

James Franklin and Ralph Friedgen are geniuses.  Here was the game plan they devised late Friday night:OK, we'll let the Mountaineers get out to a 28-point lead by looking listless on defense and totally inept on offense.  Then, just when West Virginia lets its guard down; we'll remember that we have one of the best receivers in the ACC on our team [...] Read More »

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Maryland - West Virginia Preview and Game Thread

Tomorrow, Morgantown, West Virginia will be site where the future of the 2010 season will be determined for the Terrapins.  It is the ultimate swing game.  A win, and the Terps are heading towards 5-0 (home vs. FIU and Duke are wins).  A loss, and it is back to the slog. In some ways, this season has already defied expectations.  [...] Read More »

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Crab Bowl Game Thread

The football season starts today.  In order for the Terps to turn the negative tide that started last season; a win is essential.  Navy is powered by the wishbone running attack and the Terps front seven will be tested. The game is nationally televised on ESPN and it may be our last, so enjoy it.  If you'd like to read up on some nationally synd [...] Read More »

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2010 Terps Football Preview

We're Number #1!!        Image by Getty Images via @daylif In two days time, the Maryland Terrapins will have the opportunity to erase the disaster that was the 2009 season.  At 2-10, the Terps reached a new low.  The head coach, Ralph Friedgen, had his legacy questioned.  The coach-in-waiting, James Franklin, looked less like an offensive genius [...] Read More »

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