Finals Break Miscellany

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With 10 days between games; there is a little time reflect on the season thus far and address some other lingering topics.  What's more I get to use the term "miscellany".  So, there's that.

Bye Bye James Franklin

It must be official since Franklin's Wikipedia page is calling him the new head coach of Vanderbilt (although curiously, it says he was named the coach on 12/16 which is tomorrow). Most of us on Turtle Soup have rode Franklin pretty hard all season, so I'm not about to cry sour grapes now and complain that he is gone. 

I think it is good news for two reasons.  First of all, it helps raise the program's profile when assistants take head coaching jobs elsewhere.  It is even better when that job is in the SEC.  I realize Vandy will NEVER be good; but it is still good for the Terps.  (It's also interesting to note that our football assistants move on to places like Vandy, while our basketball assistants are forced to take head coaching gigs at places like the Citadel and Vermont). 

Secondly, I'm tired of the west coast offense and the unimaginative play calling that comes with it (bubble screen anyone?).  It's sooooo 1989!  Seriously, you need elite talent to run the West Coast offense effectively.  Bill Walsh was a "genius" in part because he had Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Roger Craig as skill players.  I love Danny O'Brien and Torrey Smith; but let's be realistic here.

"Recruiting:  Football vs. Basketball" An Analysis

On Monday night,  just about when former Terp CB, Josh Wilson saved the Baltimore Ravens season; I began to think about all of the Terps who are NFL starters.  It's a fairly deep list all things considered.  Guys like Vernon Davis, Kris Jenkins, and EJ Henderson are arguably the best players on their respective teams-- and those guys are just the standouts.  I found a somewhat outdated list (from 2008) that counts 39 Terps on NFL rosters.  Maybe I'm crazy, but that seems like a huge number for a middling ACC school, don't you think?

Now, contrast that figure with the number of Terps currently playing in the NBA.  Much like the NFL list, the best I could find was a link from two years ago.  That's OK though. I don't need a link because the list is so short. To the best of my knowledge, there are exactly four Terps on current NBA rosters:  Steve Blake, Joe Smith, Chris Wilcox, and Greivis Vasquez. 

Now of course, it is much harder to make it in the NBA than in the NFL.  There are much fewer roster spots in the NBA (12 per team x 30 teams = 324) as compared to the NFL (45 roster spots x 32 = 1440 players).  However, if you layer in the Terp-specific data; we see that while 1.2% of the NBA are Terps (4/324); the NFL is 2.7% Terps (39/1440).  For those scoring at home, the percentage of NFL Terps is more than DOUBLE (2.7% vs. 1.2% the percentage of NBA Terps!  Aren't we a basketball school?

If you ever wanted data to prove that Gary does more with less; read the previous three paragraphs again. (Or, put another way, Ralph and his coaching staff don't seem to get a lot out of the individual talent that is on the field; but that is a story for another time.)  I know that the storyline with the basketball program has always been about the lack of recruits; but the analysis above is a painful illustration of just how bad its been the last 10 years.  Gary does not bring in many players genetically gifted enough to play in the NBA.

Wake Forest is historically bad

Wake beat UNC Greensboro by 2 points tonight, 69-67.  Maryland beat UNCG last week by 40 points.  Most of us regard UNCG as the worst team we have played all season and Wake almost lost to them.  At this point, Wake appears to be of the same quality as a lower tier mid-major school (think Towson State or UMBC).  It's entirely possible that 2010-11 Wake Forest Demon Deacons are the worst ACC team ever.  And I'm not being hyperbolic.  They are that bad.

Military Bowl Tickets

The only estimate I've read is that the Terps have sold 78% of their ticket allotment.  That number was from last week, so the number is likely higher now.  The economics of college football are a joke; but if you live in the DC area and care at all about the football team; you need to do your part and buy a ticket.  If the Terps can't sell out a bowl in their backyard, regardless of the opponent, we can forget about playing anywhere else for the foreseeable future.
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