Duke Listed As Six Point Favorite Tonight Against Terps

2/28/2007 2:41:07 PM A little history lesson. Maryland has been underdogs in 9 of the last 10 games against the Blue Devils. The result? Maryland has 5 wins. You'd think at some point the betting public would wise up and give Maryland a little support tonight. No luck. The Terps are heading into Cameron as 6-point dogs.

The game will be a tough one and I refuse to predict a Maryland win (especially because of our tendency to get in foul trouble, and the refs tendency to support Duke), but I expect a close game.

This is not the Duke team of old. Sure they are on a four game win-streak, but those wins have come against some slumping teams (except for what I think is an undermanned Ga Tech squad). Let's see how they perform against a surging Terps squad.

Look for General Greivis to take it to Paulus. He is a liability on defense and our guards should be able to get into the lane against him. Penetration will key easy baskets and open things up for Gist, Strawberry, and Ibekwe on the interior.

Ibekwe and Gist must avoid foul trouble at all costs. The refs will be looking for any excuse to blow the whistle in Durham tonight.

Go Terps.
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