Disappointment. Frustration. Resignation. Apathy. Terps.

2/24/2014 7:52:21 PM I apologize to everyone for not getting a thread up today. It was a pretty wild day for me that included a trip to the ER.  All is good but the Syracuse thread became a casualty.

Since we've all seen the result of the game now, we can discuss how far we've fallen this year.  Zero signature wins this season.  A non-existent frontcourt.  A wild Nick Faust running everywhere.  The two most invisible 6-9 white sharpshooters in Division I.  A top 25 bust in Shaq Cleare.

There comes a point in every season where it is time to throw in the towel. Tonight is that point.  The Terps will be lucky to make the NIT and the fans must suffer another year of irrelevance.

I'm tired of being tired.  Turgeon's got one more season to turn this around.

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