Desmond Hubert Picks UNC Over Maryland

4/14/2011 2:49:28 PM Twitter is all aflutter with the news:!/saved-search/desmond%20hubert

Dave Telep is reporting that it is a done deal and Hubert is headed to UNC.

This is another disappointment for the Terps in what has been a difficult couple of months.  Missing the NCAAs, Jordan's impending departure, and now Hubert decides to ride pine at UNC rather than start at Maryland. Ouch.

If Justin Anderson hadn't committed to MD; the fan base would be on suicide watch now.  Gary desperately needs to land a name this summer, preferably Shaquille Cleare and Wally Judge. There hasn't been much news about either player of late (Judge is reportedly visiting Rutgers), so the Terps can still pull out a win with either player.

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