DeShawn Painter Picks NC State Over Terps

5/13/2009 5:42:10 PM It's official.  DeShawn Painter announced tonight that he will enroll at NC State.  This is turning into a depressing night in the DC area.  Besides Painter picking an ACC bottom feeder over Maryland; the Caps are in the process of embarrassing themselves in the NHL playoffs.  But I digress.

Landing Painter would have been really nice; but it is ridiculous to think that if we had brought in three frontcourt freshman that all of them would have started or gotten significant minutes this year.  It would have been a nice insurance policy in case Williams or Padgett don't work out.

No one knows why Painter went to State, but I'd like to think it is because he looked at our incoming freshman class and thought he wouldn't get his minutes.  Maybe that says something about our big men.  The counter argument of course is that we can't lure in the big recruits.  Painter was rated higher than both Williams and Padgett and he gave us the Heisman.

Since we are apparently out of the running for Lance; the Terps now have some space to fill on the roster.  Are we going to force Goins to come back?  Will we go the Junior College rout?  Will leave a space open and save it for 2010?

Who knows at this point; but the off season just got a lot less interesting.
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