Delaware Game Thread

8/30/2008 11:12:02 AM Welcome to our new home! Clearly it is a work in progress, but our move from MVN came with little notice.

Thanks to Hurricane Gustav, the LSU game has been moved from its time slot and guess who ESPN has decided to show instead? None other than the budding Terps - Blue Hens rivalry. Well, this certainly beats hovering over my laptop, watching the game on a slingbox.

Gregg and I are excited to see the Terps speed today. Our young RBs and WRs can run with anyone in the NCAA now. I can't wait to see what that looks like.

I'll be adding to this post throughout the game, but as always, please feel free to post comments below.

3:45PM - The ACC is going to be bad this year. Va Tech just lost to East Carolina? Yikes. The door is open if the Terps start strong.

4:02PM - Our field goal kicker sucks. I can't pronounce his name, but he always seems to miss kicks. Steffy moved the ball at least. Let's see if they can put a drive together after being buried deep in our own territory.

4:06PM - The running game looks good. They need to keep softening up the Blue Hen's D with some nice runs. That should open things up for Steffy. He needs all the help he can get.

4:10PM - We have ourselves a running game! Look at Terrell Scott go! Keep pounding it Franklin. Keep pounding it.

4:12PM - Another missed field goal. Awful. We run it down their throats and then we fall in love with pass. Steffy on third down is downright scary. Echedfsdaoguro is going to kill us this year.

4:23PM - It is hard to imagine that the defense isn't a little discouraged. They held Delaware scoreless but Maryland should be up by 14 points. Steffy gets another chance. God help us.

4:25PM - Meggett and Scott are making me forget about Ball and Lattimore. Portis gets another shot but he needs to throw the ball once or twice to keep Delaware from stacking the box.

4:40PM - The defense looks pretty solid, but without offense; we look terrible.

4:41PM - Yeah baby! There you go. The pass wasn't terribly accurate, but it was single coverage. The best part was that the Terps capitalized immediately. 7-0 Maryland.

4:45PM - The Maryland defense is back on their heels. They are getting no pressure on the QB. The RBs are moving the pile.

4:50PM - Nice stop by the defense. The Terps forced them into a tough field goal kick. Can someone explain to me how Delaware has a better field goal kicker than Maryland. I realize he missed it; but it was partially blocked and was still on target. 7-0 Terps

4:55PM - ESPN just showed us a glimpse of the Fridge's office. They mentioned how proud the Fridge is of the photo of him and George W. Bush. Just thought you would like to know that.

5:00PM - This is a nice little drive. I'd like to give a special thanks to the official for blowing that intentional grounding call. Overall, Steffy has managed the clock well; but he is not able to do anything with his throws if his first option is covered. It's either a panicked scramble or a throwaway.

5:01PM - Egekoioiue makes it a trifecta. New Rule: I don't have to spell Egekrfkrksuu's name correctly until he proves he can make anything other than an extra point. Halftime - 7-0 Maryland. Suffice it to say that I am underwhelmed thus far.

5:23PM - Now that is how you start a half. Let's jam it down their throats and start putting this game away.

5:24PM - Classic. Steffy throws an INT right into the LB's chest. What a terrible QB. Get rid of this kid already!

5:36PM - The Terps need to stick with the running game. The coaching staff has spent too much time in the monkey house when in comes to Steffy. Here's what I mean: when you go to the Zoo and first walk into the monkey house, you can't believe how bad it smells. After spending 10 minutes in there, it smells fine. The coaching staff doesn't realize how bad Steffy is because they are too close to the situation. He is an absolute shit show.

5:40PM - Trivia Time! Who is worse? Egekeosaouu or Steffy? The coaching staff says Egekkrkeiu as the Terps go for it on 4th and 18 and forgo a 48 yd field goal attempt.

5:45PM - Thank heavens for our defense. Granted if we could kick field goals, we would be up 19-0; but the defense has really been great. here's the plan for this drive: run, run, run. Put Portis in and run the option.

5:50PM - I'm glad Coach Franklin is reading Turtle Soup. Delaware can't stop the run. Maryland scores easily with successive runs by Scott and Meggett. Finally, we finish off a drive. 14-0 Maryland.

6:00PM - Portis looks no better than Steffy. Can we please see Turner? Please?

6:10PM - The defense is really playing fantastic. I'm just hoping for one more score at this point so we can get away with a cosmetic win.

6:22PM - The Terps have not been able to pressure Delaware. That scares me as the schedule gets tougher. Teams will picks apart if QBs have all day to throw the ball.

6:28PM - So much for a cosmetic win. This next series will be fun. Delaware will stick eight guys in the box and try to stop the run. Who comes to QB for Maryland?

6:32PM - Predictably, Maryland goes three and out. Turner's wild overthrow on third down was the lowlight. Nothing like sweating it out against an inferior opponent.

6:34PM - Delaware throws a pick on the first play. Terps still need to a first down or two. Let's get a moral victory. Don't punt this away! Finish the game with the offense on the field.

6:42PM - That was an unimpressive win.
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