Deep Thoughts by Kevin Anderson

12/20/2010 9:17:05 PM Oh my goodness, Kevin Anderson is officially a huge douche bag.  The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Barker just tweeted the following:

@sunjeffbarker UMD's Anderson told me this on Leach: “Is he interested because it’s Maryland or is he interested because he wants to get back in coaching?

Whooooooooooooo cares?  WTF is the difference anyway?  Is this some amateurish attempt to be philosophical?  I'll bet Anderson is the kind of guy who thinks he can make a billion dollars by coming out with "seven-minute abs" to take all of "eight-minute ab's" market share.  That comment is scary stupid.

Earth to Kevin Anderson:  Maryland is a good job, not a great job.  Leach is a great coach albeit a desperate one.  He deserves a second chance regardless of whether Maryland is his dream job or not. The only coach in the country who would list Maryland as his dream job just walked out the door this afternoon when you fired him. Now, in the aftermath of Fridge Fiasco, you need Leach desperately.  If the Terps get a lesser name (Edsell or even worse, Locksley); the alumni will be calling for your head.  This is hardly the time to wax philosophically about Leach's inner motivations.

I can't believe we have an AD this stupid. And here I thought we couldn't do worse than Debbie Yow?

Update:  This really pisses me off. After being on the job for less than three months, Anderson fires the Coach of the Year who resurrected the program in a controversial move and he is acting like he has built up all of this political capital in College Park.  I assumed that all of these moves have been made with Leach in the bag already.  Now he's acting like he needs to find out what Leach is all about?  That type of posturing is so patronizing to the fans and media.  If you don't want to tip your hat to a beat writer, just say nothing.

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