Decidedly Not To Be

1/30/2007 10:35:09 PM We stink. But you know this already.

Before we try and figure out where the program goes from here, let me just say this about tonight's loss / embarassment. Florida State is 11th in the ACC in Assist/Turnover ratio. UVa has the best guard tandem in the country. Which team did Gary decide to press? UVa of course.

Why not press the Seminoles? Here was matchup Gary could actually use his beloved press to exploit the Seminoles' weaknesses, yet he chose not to. Instead, Gary's game plan allowed FSU to set up their half-court offense and they destroyed us with it. Inside, outside, they ate us alive. This is the second straight road game that Gary failed to put together a game plan that should have been so simple; I could have written it on a cocktail napkin.

I'm running out of questions and answers. The playing field is relatively level in the ACC this year. Aside from UNC, no team is dominant. Victories will come to those who prepare to play each opponent properly. This is something we do not do. What happened to this program. What happened to Gary?

Strawberry is an unmitigated disaster. HE is a baseball player masquerading as a basketball player. He is the eighth man onUNC and he is our "leader". I can no longer discuss him in this space. He needs to go away. And soon.
Here are some stats for you:

The Terps lead the ACC in FG% Defense.

The Terps shoot the best 3PT% in the ACC.

We are 2-5. How is this possible?
How do we change the culture of mediocrity? First it was Gilchrist. He was the problem. After he left, we blamed his fellow classmates for our continued poor play. Garrison, McCray, and NCM lacked heart, discipline, and court sense, respectively. Surely, after they left; the culture of losing would dissapate. Now that it is clear that the current seniors, Jones, Strawberry and Ibekwe also suck; where do we turn for answers? I'm tired of the excuses.

Does anyone have suggestions? Pretend for a minute that Juan, Steve, and Lonny never happened. Gary would be fired at the end of this season. Is there even a question about this? I'm not trying to be dramatic, but just remember all the grief that Gary got before the break through in 2001. Without those magical two years, these last three years would have spelled the end for Gary.

Now that we have clarity regarding this season (With a 2-5 conference record; two games against Duke and one vs. UNC still on the schedule; we need to win one of those games and sweep the rest of the games to finish 9-7. Who is not convinced it is over?); I can firmly say that Gary Williams will be fired if we fail to go to the Tournament next season. How on Earth did it come to this?

Oh by the way, Gist is coming alive. He is the lone bright spot right. Can't you just feel the excitement?
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