Debbie Yow and Greg Doyel Attempt Character Assasination On Gary Williams

4/5/2011 6:29:56 PM It's all over the news wires.  Debbie Yow publicly called out and blamed Gary Williams for her inability to hire a coach at NC State.  She did this, of course, during the press conference announcing Mark Gottfried as the new coach of the Wolfpack.

Savvy.  How's that for a ringing endorsement for the new guy? Yow just announced,  "So I couldn't get who I wanted and it's not my fault that this was the best I could do."

Sheesh.  And I thought Kevin Anderson mishandled the Ralph Friedgen firing.  What an idiot she is. 

To make matters worse, professional weasel and CBS Sports writer, Greg Doyel, inserted himself into the proceedings with an insult-laced diatribe directed at Gary Williams.

Not only is it incredibly unprofessional for a reporter to publicly disparage someone; it also displays how desperate Doyel is for a little notoriety.  After all, who would have read his article about NC State hiring Mark Gottfried otherwise?  Has anyone ever said, "that Greg Doyel is one helluva a sports writer.  I love reading his take on things"? All you need to know about Gregg Doyel is that he has showed up in the press box sporting a mohawk.  What a tool!  This guy is so desperate for attention.

Earth to Doyel:  Gary Williams doesn't return your calls because he doesn't give a shit about you or your fishing expedition for a ginned up story.  The fact that you think Gary would dignify your insinuations with a response says more about you and the exaggerated view you have of yourself than it does about him.

What's more, Gary Williams has an impeccable record as a coach.  He has never committed a recruiting violation and always plays by the rules.  With all of the charlatans out there grabbing headlines (Calipari and Calhoun); why is Gregg Doyel picking a fight with Gary?
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